Never Alone !

I wanted to take this chance to help remind myself and ALL of you that you are never alone.

I don’t know all of you and i can’t know if you come from a loving family or not.

I do understand that not always what others see is what is real for you.

I know what it feels like to have a father that everyone loved that came from that family with money so they must be good people.

But when the door closed and you where on the other side of it you become his play thing. To do with what he wanted!

And he did whatever he wanted with who ever he wanted !

I can now onley admit that i was a vary lonely child.

I felt as if i was at the Mercy of a monster.

In many ways this changed who i was to become.

Good or Bad i am ME and all of the ……. Is just part of my store.

I see thing differently because of my life

I see danger when others have not yeat.

I understand an abused child and can understand there pain.

I know what it feels like to be left alone and to have no idea how to get out of that situation.

I am not telling you this to get you to feel badly for me.

If i wanted that i have found over the years that i can throw myself a pretty good pity party all by my self, and i am good at that. I can be the star and the entertainment all at once.

The problem with that is it gets vary lonely and over time you will find that the problem is still there if not bigger at this point because you have thrown it a really good party it dose not want to live.

So for me in my life i have had some interesting circumstances that can lead you to Wonder What does all this mean !!!

I do not try to say that i have all the answers, Sweetheart some days i don’t even know the question yeat!!!!

How and the world would i have the answer ?

But what i am her for is to shere with you and maybe help you through something that you are working on.

I just wish that i head felt that someone was there for me.

over the years i learned that there is someone that is always with you.

When i found this out it gave me a kind of peace that i have naver felt before.

This is the One True God

he is the God of Abraham he is the one who created all

not to overwhelm you so i will take it slow.

God is always there for me and my family when we need hem and sometimes he is there when i did not know even that i needed hem yet.

YES i am a Christian and i am vary proud of My God and our relationship.

we will go over more of that latter .

……So for you ,

you never need to feel alone.

God is always there waiting for you to call out to hem.

ok and i am her to

You and always get in tuch with me her or

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Instagram and the user name is reflectivelove8

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I look forward to Seeing all of you soon.

Let’s have some fun spending time tougher.

Have a blessed day

your friend over here at Reflective Love

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